T.Maxwell Smith

Like any actor struggling to find work, even having countless profiles on websites pasted all over the internet, I decided to make a change and to take my two worlds of work, acting and marketing, and slam them together and see what I came up with. The result is tmaxwell.net

I never know if I finish a sentance with "tmaxwell.net" should I put a full stop after it??? Oh well, I better keep going...

Anyway, in all my days of marketing I told people that websites were the "best bang for your buck" marketing tool, but until 2017 had never put my own acting endevours onto my own website. Well February came and I changed my acting agent and my new Agent told me to get a website... It seemed so obvious but I had never thought of it so I built my own acting website and then thought, well I could do that for plenty of actors... and well... here we are!